About Our Facility

Team Gym

6000 square feet; the primary training facility for competitive teams.

  • NEW 42' x 42' spring floor
  • 68' spring tumbling strip into...
  • NEW 6' x 12' resipit
  • Multiple high and low training beams
  • Spieth Anderson regulation beams
  • AAI vault table
  • AAI wide spread uneven bars
  • Strap Bar
  • Complete set of boys equipment: parallel bars, pommel horse,
         rings, and high bar
  • Multiple mushrooms and paralletts
  • Climbing rope
  • In-ground trampoline
  • Tumble-trak trampoline
  • Pit Bar over NEW loose foam for training giants, dismounts,
         and release moves

Recreation Gym

5400 square feet; the primary training facility for recreational classes.

  • 42' x 42' foam block floor
  • Uneven bars and single bars
  • High and low beams
  • Springboards with resipit
  • Preschool climbing wall and loose foam pit
  • Tumble-trak trampoline
  • Numerous incline mats, octagonal mats, soft beams, trapezoids,
          and skill shapes
  • The in-ground trampoline and loose foam pit, and climbing rope
          are also used for these classes
The recreation facility also holds our office, team shop, restrooms, and spacious mezzanine viewing area.


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