About Our Gym

West Side Gymnastics

Our History

West Side Gymnastics has been dedicated to developing self-esteem and improving fitness in children since 1985. After more than thirty years in business, we have produced not only state and national gymnastics champions, but thousands of happy children and families.

Our students have gone on to successful participations in volleyball, basketball, wrestling, golf, baseball, softball, tennis, swimming, diving, pole vault, soccer, cheerleading and track. Many of these athletes continuing their sport at the college level.

The strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination gained through gymnastics sets them apart from most others in their sport. Very few activities develop the upper-body and core strength that makes the difference between an average and an exceptional performance in so many sports.

Our Philosophy

Increasing Self-Esteem Through Physical Fitness

The goal of West Side Gymnastics is to build your child's self-esteem through participation in a success-oriented program. Each child is encouraged to advance at his/her own pace and discouraged from comparing one's own achievements to another's. Not only do we teach the skills required for advancing in the sport of gymnastics, but these skills in turn help to develop a healthy body awareness and enjoyment of physical activity. Basic areas of fitness such as strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination are enhanced through participation in our classes.

Our Facility

We have over 11,000 square feet of gym space, split in two separate sides. One area is the primary training facility for our competive teams. The other, the primary training facility for recreational classes.

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Our Staff

West Side Gymnastics is proud of each member of our staff. Our 10+ employees with over 100 years of combined experience, is sure to provide the highest level of training and fun for your family.

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Our Policies

Our School Year Program runs from September thru the last week of May. A separate summer program runs for June, July, and August. With ultimate flexibility you can enroll or un-enroll at anytime!

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